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David R. Hantke, M.D., Inc.

Fax: (888) 641-1948


The office of Dr. Hantke closed permanently as of October 1st, 2022. For those of you who desire copies of your records a request can be made by email ( You may also try to contact us by mail at the address on the letterhead above however we cannot guarantee that all letters will be forwarded appropriately. There is currently no way of reaching us by phone.

In order to receive your records you will need to print a copy of the Release of Information Form available on this website. Please complete, sign and date the form. Also, don't forget to provide a return address (email or postal, as desired) or fax number. The form can be returned most easily by scanning or photographing it, attaching it to an email and emailing it to Alternatively, it can be faxed (888-641-1948) or sent by mail (David R. Hantke, M.D., Inc., P.O. Box 1265, Ventura, CA, 93002). Mailing is discouraged, however, due to possible inconsistencies with mail forwarding at the USPS level. At least at this time, the first two return options are free. The mail option will entail a $15.00 charge, payable prior to returning the records. A check can be sent to the P.O. Box noted in the letterhead.

With respect to email, please understand that "standard" email is not considered to be secure. We are not planning on sending financial information however your medical records may well contain other information that you might not wish to share with the world. We will do so, however, if you specifically request this and so indicate on the Release of Information Form. Your direction to utilize this modality implies that you both understand and accept these risks. A better option is that you email or otherwise make available to us your public encryption key. Explaining encryption is beyond the scope of this website but the general idea is that if you send your public key then we can encrypt your information with it and safely email it back to you. You can then decrypt the message with your private key. Since only you have your private key only you can decrypt the email.

Some of you will have continuing needs for an ear, nose and throat physician. Our first recommendation would be that you consult with your primary care practitioner and discuss with them who might be most appropriate. Alternatively, we would suggest that you consider the office of Dr. Elisabeth Barbosa and Dr. Saranya Reghunathan, in Oxnard (805-981-3770). Please remember, however, that like this office they will require that any necessary prior authorization be obtained prior to scheduling a visit.

With that having been said, all of us here at the office wish you the best and hope that you can easily transition to another doctor. Serving Ventura County for these past thirty five years has been both an honor and a pleasure. Best wishes to you all!